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Sep 08, 2018 There is baptism: dedication and confirmation. When a baby is baptized that is a dedication service where the Parent, Godparents, Family, Friends and all the members of the Church agree to do all they can to raise the child as a Christian.Orthodox Church in America 2012. Reception into the Catechumenate The priest, vested in stole (and phelonion and cuffs if it be the custom) comes out of the Sanctuary and goes to the vestibule of the Church where the sponsors with the child await him. Baptism Service orthodox christian baptism service

The Orthodox Church maintains the ancient practice of confirming the newly aptized Christian immediately after hisher baptism. Just as baptism is a personal Pascha (Easter) for each of us, making us partakers in Christs personal Pentecost, as the Holy Spirit descends upon us, confirming us as full members of the Church.

A Christian denomination that only baptizes in the name of Jesus conducts a baptism that is not recognized by the Orthodox church and you would need to be rebaptized by the Orthodox church. If the religion of your original baptism believes in the Holy Trinity, then this baptism is recognized by the Orthodox Church and no further christening is Nov 20, 2017 The Sacrament of Baptism in the Orthodox Church consists of ancient Christian practices, prayers, and hymns. Bible passages are also chanted reverently in the style of the Ancient Orthodox Church.orthodox christian baptism service We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us.

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This service is certainly not the one used by certain Orthodox when they chrismate people they incorrectly say are already baptized , as it is a very compunctionate service, and assumes that the person being chrismated is an apostate Orthodox, desiring to orthodox christian baptism service Christian Baptism is the personal participation in Pascha (Easter). Chrismation is the personal participation in Pentecost (Descent of the Holy Spirit). The Service. The Sacrament of Baptism begins with the rejection of Satan and the acceptance of Jesus Christ as one's personal Savior. Holy Baptism is the first of seven Sacraments in the Orthodox Christian Church. Together with the Sacrament of Holy Chrism it joins the candidate to the Mystical Body of Christ, the Church. Some people argue that the only valid baptism is that of an adult who believes in Christ first. To remind them of their Baptism, Orthodox Christians usually wear throughout life a small Cross, hung round the neck on a chain during their Baptismal Service. Immediately after Baptism, the Orthodox Christian is Chrismated (confirmed) with the Chrism (in Greek myron ) by the Priest.

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