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Oct 17, 2012# 718 Modernweekly Lifestyle# INTERVIEW: Be Your Clothes Friends Christophe Lemaire.Nov 20, 2014 Lors de la 16e dition de l'extrme cinma la cinmathque de Toulouse, nous avons eu le privilge d'interviewer Christophe Lemaire N'oubliez pas de vou christophe lemaire interview

A CONVERSATION WITH CHRISTOPHE LEMAIRE. Interview by Filep Motwary. Everything about Christophe Lemaire is Parisian. He designed for Lacoste for 10 years, in addition to running his signature line, before taking over Herms and replacing Jean Paul Gaultier.

Feb 23, 2019  True to his image, Christophe Lemaire leaves this house with softness and elegance, to concentrate on the development of his eponymous label. Interview: Christophe Lemaire: Its the last season but its done with serenity and with feeling even like a kind of accomplishment, there isnt any bitterness, on either side, it was a mature Interview: Sharon Weissburg. Perhaps it is this feeling of life within Lemaire that makes it so different from the vast and often chilly space of fashion today so densely populated, as it is, with so many carefully calculated (and yet recklessly executed) brands. Where others shout, Lemaire speaks in a serene sotto voce,christophe lemaire interview Christophe Lemaire. In 1999 he obtained the licence required for a French jockey, and began racing. He has steadily built up a good track record, becoming the seventh leading jockey in 2003, and winning the French Group 1 Grand Prix de Paris in the same year.

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Mar 04, 2016 Christophe Lemaire and SarahLinh Tran discuss the secret to their city's effortless style and why they're fans of Kanye West's designs. christophe lemaire interview Sep 29, 2015  Christophe Lemaire on Building His Brand and Designing for Everyday Quality of LifeChristophe Lemaire on Building His Brand and Designing for Everyday Quality of Life. In March, he announced that he would collaborate with Uniqlo on a line of signature knits and separates that will launch with the megaretailer in Europe and the U. S. later this week a collaboration which, he tells Oct 08, 2013  Christophe Lemaire. A twotime winner of Frances ANDAM prize, he interned at Yves Saint Laurent and Thierry Mugler in the early 80s before assisting Christian Lacroix. In 1991, at the age of 25, he launched his namesake line, and in 2000, he was brought on by Lacoste to reinvigorate the sportswear brand. Oct 28, 2016 The Beauty in the Basics. Christophe Lemaire is a no frills, no fuss designer. After working as the artistic director of Lacoste and Herms, Lemaire decided to give his full attention to his independent fashion brand, Lemaire, with partner SarahLinh Tran. The brand, which focuses on elevated pieces for everyday life, Christophe Lemaire and SarahLinh Tran Talk Style. All too often, fashion falls into one of two extremes: underdesigned and boring, or too fantastical for real life. But Christophe Lemaire is the rare designer whose garments strike exactly the right balance. Since founding his

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