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Christine Tiefensee, Bamberg Germany (March April 2014) Giovanni Valente, College Park USA (January July 2008) Carl Wagner, Knoxville USA (October 2008) Lauren Ware, Stirling UK (April May 2016) Cory D. Wright, St. Louis USA (May July 2008) Tomasz uradzki, Krakow Poland (Sept 2017Read 12 publications, and contact Christine Tiefensee on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists. For full functionality of ResearchGate it is necessary to enable JavaScript. christine tiefensee bamberg

Christine Tiefensee (Bamberg) and Dominik Klein May 6, 2014 Why semantics is the waste basket Matthijs Westera (ILLC) May 13, 2014 How limited reasoning can account for other properties of belief systems Lasha Abzianidze May 27, 2014 Deontic Logis Without Possible Words Jaap Hage (Maastricht)

Expressivism, AntiArchimedeanism and Supervenience Christine Tiefensee Published online: 27 February 2014 Springer ScienceBusiness Media Dordrecht 2014 Bamberg, Germany email: 123 Res Publica (2014) 20: DOI Prof. Dr. Johannes Marx Fakultt fr Sozial und Lehrstuhl fr Politische Theorie E Bambergchristine tiefensee bamberg Christine Tiefensee. University of Bamberg. Minimalism threatens metaethical debate, or so many philosophers fear. Whilst this fear has so far been expressed in the problem of creeping minimalism, this talk draws attention to a further, equally serious minimalist challenge to

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Christine Tiefensee This orthodox understanding has recently come under pressure from antiArchimedeans, such as Ronald Dworkin and Matthew Kramer, who proclaim that rather than assessing morality from an external perspective, metaethical theses are themselves substantive moral claims. christine tiefensee bamberg Christine Tiefensee is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the Frankfurt School of Finance& Management, where she teaches within the Management, Philosophy& Economics degree programme. only to return to academia in 2012 when she joined the Political Theory Department at the University of Bamberg. Her move to the Frankfurt School Normativity and Meaning (Saarbrcken): Workshop Schedule Tuesday, May 13th Wednesday, May 14th Thursday, May 15th Friday, May 16th Christine Tiefensee (University of Bamberg) Chair: Jan Gertken 18. 15h 19. 45: Michael Ridge Christine Tiefensee: A Dilemma for Metaethical Inferentialists Prof. Dr. Christine Tiefensee. Blog. FS Blog. Assistant Professor of Philosophy. Personal Details. only to return to academia in 2012 when she joined the Political Theory Department at the University of Bamberg. Her move to the Frankfurt School followed in 2014. Christines main research focus centres on metaethics and broader questions Former Colleagues. Simon Scheller. Contact. Frederik Wilhelmi. Contact. Dr Christine Tiefensee. Since 2014 Junior Professor for philosophy at Frankfurt School of Finance& Management Contact. Research Interests Metaethics University of Bamberg Kapuzinerstrae 16 D Bamberg

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