Slaying of christian pakistani couple

2020-02-21 13:11

Pakistani Police inspect the brick kiln where a Christian couple was burned alive for alleged blasphemy in November 2014. After the attack, it emerged that the couple had been falsely accused.Pakistani authorities must bring to justice those responsible for the vicious mob killing of the Christian couple, human rights groups Amnesty International said in a press release Tuesday. slaying of christian pakistani couple

Nov 06, 2014  Story highlights. The village is about 60 kilometers (37 miles) southwest of Lahore, the capital of Punjab. The province's government will pay the couple's family 5 million Pakistani rupees about 49, 000 as compensation for their deaths, the province's chief

Pakistani Court Charges 106 with Slaying of Christian Couple ICC Note: An AntiTerrorism Court in Pakistan has charged 106 individuals in connection with the murder of two Christians killed for allegedly committing blasphemy last year. An AntiTerrorism Court (ATC) in Lahore, Pakistan, on Saturday (24 March) acquitted 20 men suspected of involvement in the murder of a Christian couple burnt alive at the kiln where they worked in November 2014 after it was alleged that they had set fire to some pages from a Quran.slaying of christian pakistani couple Five Pakistani men were sentenced to death for the murder of a Christian couple, Shahzad Masih and his pregnant wife Shama. I sincerely hope and wish that the decision, says Sajid Ishaq

Slaying of christian pakistani couple free

Nov 04, 2014  Pakistani police say a Muslim mob has beaten a Christian couple to death and burnt their bodies for allegedly desecrating a Koran. The incident took place on November 4 slaying of christian pakistani couple Nov 05, 2014  Pakistani police say they have arrested up to 40 people in connection with the killing of a Christian couple in Punjab province who were beaten, then Dozens arrested in Pakistan after slaying of Christian couple accused of desecrating Quran Relatives mourn the death of a Pakistani Christian couple beaten and burned by a Muslim mob in Punjab News World Asia Five sentenced to death in Pakistan for lynching and burning Christian couple in a kiln. Illiterate couple were falsely accused of throwing away pages of the Quran Pakistan: 5 Sentenced to Death in Mob Slaying of Christian Couple, Unborn Baby Although as Catholics we reject the death penalty, we believe it is important that a court acted promptly, in just

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