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Oct 01, 2012  Lindsay Lohan alleged hotel assault: Christian LaBella stunned by his arrest, says uncle. By Nancy Dillon, Rocco Parascandola and TRACY CONNOR where he works for Rep. John ShimkusGet an adfree experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. christian labella shimkus

LaBella, 26, previously worked for Republican Congressman John Shimkus of Illinois, and a representative for Shimkus said, according to E! that obviously, the congressman does not condone

The arrest of a former employee from Illinois Congressman John Shimkus' office has been voided, officials said Sunday. Christian LaBella of Valley Village, Calif. who once worked for Shimkus, was LaBella works for Republican congressman John Shimkus; Lohan reportedly met Christian LaBella at a swanky New York City night club and partied with him for hours on Sunday before the twochristian labella shimkus Instead, Christian LaBella of Valley Village, Calif. , and Lohan filed harassment complaints with police against each other after they were interviewed by police about their runin, law enforcement

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Christian LaBellas name was virtually unknown to the rest of the world until he LaBella not only works for Shimkus, but hes met up with some other rather powerful Republicans, including christian labella shimkus 25yearold Christian R. LaBella was born n April 29, 1987 in California to 48yearold Kathryn LaBella and 57yearold Stephen LaBella he lived in Calabasas, Los Angeles and ultimately resides in Village Valley, CA. He worked as a staffer for Republican Congressman John Shimkus of Illinois, at his Washington Office. Christian LaBella, 26, who works for Illinois congressman John Shimkus, does not understand why the allegations have been made against him, his uncle said, and has done nothing wrong. WASHINGTON One of Southern Illinois' Congressman John Shimkus' paid DC interns spent the weekend in New York City, and ended up at police headquarters after a scuffle with paparazzihounded actress Lindsay Lohan. . New York Daily News reports that 25 year old Christian LaBella was arrested for assaulting Lohan in an argument over LaBella's cell phone. According to the New York Daily News, early Sunday morning, Christian LaBella, who has been a parttime employee in Shimkus' D. C. office since May 2012, left the club 1Oak with Lohan and another

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