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Guitars International is one of the world's largest dealers in fine new individually handcrafted (nonproduction) classical guitars. As such, we are honored to represent the majority of the world's greatest contemporary guitar makers.How can the answer be improved? classical guitar makers germany

Made in Germany: Musima Guitars. With the exception of a couple of Japanese manufacturers (Ibanez, ESP, Yamaha) and Spanish classical guitars, most of Rock n Roll has been made on American guitars. And for a good reason they invented the genre as well as the electric guitar, and as a whole make the finest instruments available.

Jakob is one of the newest and brightest stars in the German composite (double) top world Casimiro Lozano Spain Powerful and refined Composite (Double) Top guitars from Spain This is a list of Wikipedia articles about brandname companies (past and present) that have sold guitars, and the house brands occasionally used.classical guitar makers germany German Guitars. Our introduction to German Classical guitars was through Hermann Hauser, well one has to start somewhere Here we found a maker whose family history is renowned the World over and whose instruments have a timeless quality and are built from a wood stock set aside generations ago. Looking to expand our range

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Nashville 10 acoustic guitar. Stamp on inside of sound hole on the neck heel block just below the truss rod end nut reads Neber. . Neber is the surname of the individual or the company who built the guitar. It is a German surname synonymous with cabinet making. I will try to research the name further. classical guitar makers germany Classical Guitars PLUS is a part of a familyrun company which has been doing business on the internet since the 1990s. If there is more you want to know or more you Kolya Panhuyzen, Germany. Master German guitar maker Kolya Panhuyzen was exposed to the classical guitar at an early age. His father played the instrument, and his uncle, Edgar Mnch, was a highly respected luthier whose guitars were played by Julian Bream, Jorge Morel, and John Williams. It was in the Toronto workshop of Edgar Mnch,

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