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Andhra Natyam. Andhra Natyam is a classical dance form originating from the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. This traditional dance form, having a history of 2000 years, was lost in the Mughal and British era, and was revived in the 20th century.Kuchipudi Andhra Pradesh. The Classical Indian dance form originated Andhra Pradesh state and got its name from Kuchipudi village near the Bay of Bengal. Kuchipudi is the most popular traditional dance form in South India performed with violin, flute and the tambura instruments and the characters first introduces them self by the dharavu. famous classical dance of andhra pradesh

Information guide of Andhra Pradesh tells sabout live performances of Kuchipudi Dance of Andhra Pradesh which is one of the eight Indian Classical Dances of India. Kuchipudi Dance is renowned for its aesthetic and unique dance steps and is world famous for its beauty, grace and elegant forms.

Andhra Pradesh folk dance. Andhra Pradesh is also the proud owner of some of the most beautiful famous dance forms like (Kuchipudi, burrakatha, veerannatyam, butlabommalu, Dappu, Tappet gullu, Lambadi, Bonalu, Dhimsa, kolattam, etc. ). It offers a variety of performing arts unique to its culture. The Dance forms of Andhra Pradesh take on Andhra Natyam is an ancient lasya dance tradition performed by female dance artistes of Andhra Pradesh for the last two thousand years in Bouddha Aaramas, Temples, Courts of Maharajahs and in public places for the common people. This art is the spiritual expression of the Telugu people and another unique dance form of this state.famous classical dance of andhra pradesh Kuchipudi is the classical dance form from the SouthEast Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It derives its name from the village of Kuchelapuram, a small village about 65 kms from Vijaywada. It is known for its graceful movements and its strong narrative dramatic character. There is a legend concerning the origins of Kuchipudi.

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Kuchipudi, a preeminent Indian classical dance form counted among ten leading classical dance forms of India, is a dancedrama performance art that originated in a village of Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh famous classical dance of andhra pradesh How can the answer be improved? Mar 03, 2017  Kuchipudi Classical Dance From Andhra Pradesh. Then, each costumed actor is introduced, their role stated, and who then performs a short dance prelim to music (dharavu). Next, the performance presents pure dance (nritta). This is followed with expressive part of the performance (nritya), where rhythmic gestures as a sign language mime the play. Kuchipudi, the famous classical dance form of Andhra Pradesh derives its name from a village, situated about 60 km. away from Vijayawada. It is located just above the delta region of the river Krishna.

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