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Discussion on the Biblical guidelines relating to gambling. Should Christians be involved with lotteries or other forms of gambling?Jan 31, 2012 I use to play a ticket every blue moon but my money was too limited to gamble on lottery tickets. After losing continually, I realized it was a vice I couldn't really afford and i don't miss it at all. I think it's foolish even for unbelievers to waste money on play the lottery, considering the ridiculous odds. For Christians, it's doubting God's provision and hoping somehow he will reward you with riches for it. lottery vs christianity

Ive been playing the lottery a bit lately. Im a Christian, and I was wondering what your views are on this. Weve been struggling financially, and it seems that a chance to win millions is worth a buck or two. Honestly, as a Christian, ask yourself if you believe God thinks this is a good use of your money. The lottery is a tax on

Oct 16, 2007 I liked staking lotto and now I have become a christian. People keep telling me it is wrong to stake lotto. I have tried to find a biblical bases for their assertion but cannot find any. Can someone please advise me as I want to remain a good christian. Is it right for a christian to stake lotto or lottery? I liked staking lotto Why Christians Should Avoid Lottery Fever, Albert Mohler Read more about spiritual life growth, Christian living, and faith.lottery vs christianity Question: What does the Bible say about playing the lottery? Answer: The word gamble means to risk something of value on an outcome that depends on chance. Because the outcome of a lottery depends on chance and playing it involves risk, then, by definition, playing the lottery is gambling.

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Gambling is sinful because the fruit of gambling is evil. Christians are to abhor what is evil, ( Romans 12: 9 ). Christians are to produce good fruit according to Matthew 7: 1718, not evil. Gambling is accompanied by greed, crime, corruption. It frequently robs children of food and clothing. lottery vs christianity We have just enough time to get to the 711 and buy a lottery ticket before the lottery ends at 10: 00 p. m. As I recall, it was one of those power ball lotteries worth at least half a The first modern state lottery was established in New Hampshire in 1964, while Nevada legalized the nations first casino in 1931 (Indiana, 1998). The extensive opportunity of gambling activities did not capture the American publics attention until the 1970s and 1980s. Sep 22, 2012 Top 10 Significant Numbers in Biblical Numerology. will be converted to Christianity and die as martyrs under the reign of the Antichrist. please take a few moments and review the rules Winning! (? ): Christians and the Lottery. With the backdrop of the Mega Millions lottery jackpot rising towards a record setting 640 million last week, the subject of gambling became a popular topic among many Christians. America Bible christian culture Christianity christmas church community culture Death discipleship Easter

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