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Classical Era of Music: Timeline, Characteristics& Facts Baroque Period. As Europe emerged from the Renaissance, one of the areas with Classical Period. The heavy melodies and improvisation of the Baroque period was rejected by Romantic Period. While there had been a clear break betweenFacts about Classical Period 3: another period of Classical Period. People often call classical period as classicism or Viennese Classic era. The name was taken from the working place of the famous composers like Beethoven, Haydn and Mozart. All of them worked in Vienna. facts about the classical period of music

The history of classical music reflects that of Europe as a whole rather than that of a single nation or culture. This long and complex story is divided up into rough periods such as Baroque ( ), Classical ( ), and Romantic ( ).

Feb 27, 2019  The term classical music was not used until the early 19th century in order to canonize the period from Bach to Beethoven as an impressive, golden era of music. 3. Classical music In the Classical period, the string section of the orchestra was standardized as just four instruments: Violin (in orchestras and chamber music, typically there are first violins and second violins, Viola (the alto voice of the orchestral string section and string quartet; Cello (the cellofacts about the classical period of music 1. Classical music facts piano tension. The tension of the 230odd strings in a grand piano exert a combined force of 20 tonnes on the cast iron frame.

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Classical Style. The choral music of the Classic period is generally conservative, and therefore often contains sections of free counterpoint, fugue, and use of continuo, reminiscent of the Baroque. This is particularly true in the music written in the early part of the period. The Classical era was an facts about the classical period of music Here are some of the common features you will hear in music of the classical period: A tune! Most music of the classical period has a clear tune. Loud one second, quiet the next (but not as much as romantic music). The name! The same names keep coming up over and over again in music of the The Classical music period is the time from about 1750 to 1820 when Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, and Schubert were the most famous living composers. We often talk about classical music meaning European music which is not pop music or jazz or folk music. How can the answer be improved? Facts about Classical Music tell you about the classical period which spans between the baroque and romantic periods. In 1750 until 1820, the musical compositions were made during the classical music period. There were two important musicians from the classic music period. Both were Mozart and Beethoven. Mozart lived in 1756 until 1791.

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