08 ultra classic oil change

2020-02-25 16:17

Find the best oil and filter for your 2008 HARLEYDAVIDSON FLHTCU Ultra Classic Electra Glide (1584) and get free shipping.I, ve got a 2008 Ultra classic, and want to change the fluids. It's got 8000 miles, and i dont have a owners manual. the oil, i can figure out, but the trans, and the primary I dont have an idea. 08 ultra classic oil change

How to Change the Fork Oil in a Harley Ultra Classic. Gently apply pressure to assist with further fork oil drainage. Disconnect the pump when fluid no longer drains from the fork. Attach a vacuum tool to the air valve. Pour 9. 7 oz. (287 ml) of Type E fork oil into a small container. Run a battery vent tube or other suitablysized tubing from the container of fork oil to the open drain hole.

Jun 16, 2012 I can't recommend a dino oil since I have been using synthetic oils for the past many years. In my RoadStar I use Mobile1 and HD Syn3 for all three holes in my 09 Ultra Classic. I myself change mine out at 2500 miles due to the heat these air cooled motors generate. I didn't really answer your question tho. Harley Davidson FLHTCU Ultra Classic Electra Glide Replacement Powersports Oil Filters Get a 100 money back guarantee on any motorcycle& ATV oil filter when you buy now from the K& N Online Store.08 ultra classic oil change HarleyDavidson Touring Bike Oil Change. April 15, 2013. By Billy Bartels. Find out how to change the oil in a HarleyDavidson touring bike in this stepbystep guide courtesy of Billy Bartels. Presumably, if you ride a touring bike youre at least throwing down moderate amounts of miles. The net result of all this riding is the need to

08 ultra classic oil change free

it the 58 hex bolt on left front of the sump pan. you will need 1 quart of Harley Transmission and primary oil. 4 qts. 038 to. 043 for the 96cu. POWERTORQUE: 67 hp 81 lb. ft. take the baffles out drill the rivet out if mfg. Look underneath the bike by the kickstand spring stud. 08 ultra classic oil change See How to Change Oil, Other Fluids Its an old adage, but its true a few quarts of oil is cheaper than a new motor, transmission, etc. More often than not its not about the money. Apr 17, 2009  Classic: much oil goes in the dipstick you will need 1 qt of primary chaincase lubricant for the primary, 4 qts of engine oil for the engine (through the dipstick hole) and 2024 oz's of gear lube through the allen plug on the top right side of the transmission side cover (unless you have a 6 speed,

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