Did catholic church give us bible

2020-02-25 16:31

USA TODAY SAYS CATHOLIC CHURCH HAD SIGNIFICANT ROLE IN THE KJV (Friday Church News Notes, April 8, 2011, www. wayoflife. org [email protected] org, ) A USA Today report on a traveling Bible exhibit makes the amazing claim that the Roman Catholic Church had a significant role in the King James Bible.So it was not the Catholic Church that gave us the Bible. That simply is false and it just bothers me that people keep saying this and other people are believing it. What does Paul say in 1 Corinthians 14? If any man among you thinketh himself to be a prophet or spiritual, did catholic church give us bible

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3. Both the Old and New Testament were compiled by the Church. Without the Church, you dont have a clear way of knowing which Books belong in the Bible and which dont. As a matter of history, the Catholic Church gave us the Bible. As a matter of logic, theres not a clear alternative, Dec 20, 2011 Yes, Interestingly all the people who say the Catholic Church did not give us the Bible cannot tell you who did. Saying that God gave us the Bible does not sufficethe Catholic Church holds that same to be true.did catholic church give us bible The only authority which nonCatholics have for the inspiration of the Scriptures is the authority of the Catholic Church. If the latter be rejected, there remain no logical grounds for retention of the cardinal tenet of all Protestants the inspired character of Scripture.

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Because the Catholic Church certainly gave us the Bible, but the Catholic Church did not give us all of Sacred Scripture. Sacred Scripture v. the Bible. Sacred Scripture. Normally, the two terms are exactly the same thing. Until we get into the details. did catholic church give us bible Nevertheless, did the Roman Catholic Church give us the Bible? No, it did not. First of all, the Roman Catholic Church was not really around as an organization in the first couple hundred years of the Christian Church.

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