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2020-02-22 15:28

Body& Soul is a health program developed for African American churches. The program encourages church members to eat a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables every day for better health. Churches that embrace Body& Soul help their members take care of their bodies as well as their spirits.Hot Topics In The Church. There are a multitude of topics being discussed in the church today. This page links to some of the Hottest! They Include: health topics to discuss at church

AZ Health Topics. A Z alphabetical listing of topics for easy reference Health Information Diseases and Conditions Alphabetical Listing Browse the Topics Alphabetically.

Dec 09, 2013  And as people increasingly leave the Church, often over issues such as these, it is becoming more urgent that the Church talk about how to care for every one of its members. Addiction. At AA meetings and therapy sessions, talking about addiction makes sense, but for some reason, its not a topic most church people want to hear about. Feb 11, 2019 Resources by Topic: Women's Ministry. Filled Up and Spilling Over to Others. Revive Our Hearts; April 24, 2018; Dr. Eric Mason shows why being filled with the Holy Spirit is kind of like oxygen. Susan has decades of experience in local church women's ministry. She will address a variety of issues from what a culture of caring in the churchhealth topics to discuss at church Health Topics for Community Health Programs. Need a Speaker or Community Health Screening? We are available to address your church group, club, civic organization or employer group. Patient Education Brochures from American College of Physicians. Heal n Cure brings you the Patient Education Brochures. Featuring evidencebased health information written in easytounderstand language.

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