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Oct 15, 2018 Answer Wiki. This is a very difficult question to answer. The Anglican church would be seen by some of its members as Protestant, but by others as definitely not. The latter would point to the fact that the 1662 Book of Common Prayer, which has been the key liturgical document of Anglicanism for much of its existence,Dec 11, 2006 The Protestant and Anglican branches of Christianity broke from the Catholic church also because of differing ideas in interpretations just like the Lutheran's, Baptist's, Presbyterians and the Church of England. anglican church protestant difference

Protestant is a hypernym of anglican. As adjectives the difference between protestant and anglican. is that protestant is (protestant) while anglican is anglican.

The Anglican Church is in danger of an irrevocable split. Summary: 1. Anglicans and Catholics were one in the same until Henry VIII broke from the Church. 2. The Anglican Church eschews hierarchy while the Catholic Church embraces it. 3. Much of the mass is the same, but Catholics believe the bread and wine is actually the body and blood of How can the answer be improved?anglican church protestant difference Protestant and Catholic. The Church of Ireland is Catholic because it is in possession of a continuous tradition of faith and practice, based on Scripture and early traditions, enshrined in the Catholic Creeds, together with the sacraments and apostolic ministry. The Church of Ireland is Protestant, or Reformed,

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Apr 30, 2012 Unlike Europe, where Protestant churches adopted a specific theology, typically either Lutheran or Reformed, the unity of the Anglican church has tended to come from its liturgy and practice, rather than its theology, so many different strains of theology have coexisted. anglican church protestant difference Difference Between Unitarian Universalism and Anglican which are doctrines not accepted by the Protestant church. Unitarian Universalism, born out of the protestant reformation period, rejects the notions that: spiritual destiny is predetermined, damnation is permanent, God is vengeful, and humans are born with original sin Mar 02, 2019 The Anglican church is the state Church of England. Protestantism is a movement, and not a single church in particular (the Anglican church is Protestant). Oct 22, 2010 Best Answer: Anglican is protestant. Biggest differences are that Protestants (as a whole) believe that Faith in Christ is all thats truly needed for salvation. Catholics believe that you need faith, plus good works and certain ceremonies (sacraments) for salvation. The primary difference between the Anglican church and most Protestant denominations is that the Anglican church accepts the Apocrypha as part of the Holy Scripture whereas most Protestant denominations do not. Keep Learning.

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