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2020-02-21 19:35

Jones was indicted on embezzlement charges in August, to which he pleaded not guilty. Federal investigators accuse him of transferring 933, 000 from the account of the Greater Cornerstone Community Center, which congregation members supported financially, to the church's accounts, and then using the money to fund his lavish lifestyle.Cornerstone Church is a nondenominational multisite church located in Toledo, Ohio. Campuses are located in NW Ohio and SE Michigan. cornerstone church embezzlement

Fast growth and few controls invite employee embezzlement. Posted by Police have arrested a church accountant they say stole more than 400, 000 while working at Cornerstone Christian Fellowship in Chandler, ran the lead paragraph. In a different church embezzlement case the church treasurer said that she had been underpaid and

The Cornerstone Community Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma sits largely empty due to the embezzlement of nearly 1 million in funds meant for the project by the pastor who helped establish it. Cornerstone Church. Helping people find a Father, a family, and a fulfilling future.cornerstone church embezzlement Anita Copeland, 48, of 2525 Big Sky Lane in Raleigh, is charged with embezzlement in connection with the theft of 171, 000 from Ridge Road Baptist Church, authorities said.

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Introduce visitors and inform members of the mission and people at Cornerstone Church Nashvlle. cornerstone church embezzlement This is a snapshot of a few active ministries at Cornerstone Church as well as some basic information on Small Groups, Cornerstone Kids& Lift Student Community, and some notes about our current sermon series and that days scripture and sermon. The former pastor of the Greater Cornerstone Baptist Church is sentenced to 37 months in an embezzlement scheme. Prosecutors say Willard Lenord Jones bought a mink, Rolex and gambled with Tulsa Pastor Pleads Not Guilty To Embezzlement Charges. Reverend Willard Jones of Cornerstone Baptist Church is accused of stealing from a community center his church helped build. Marc currently serves as a Recovery Minister at Park Plaza Church of Christ. Before coming to Cornerstone, she worked in the health insurance industry for nearly 27 years and then in the medical industry for a little over 3 years. Becky loves working with people and hopes to

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