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2020-02-26 00:03

Gateway Prophetic School is a prophetic training ministry in Charlotte NC founded by Chuck Smith. The purpose is to impart to the people of God pri nciples to help them operate in their gifts in a way that will be a blessing to the Church and leadership.In this message, Pastor Robert defines presbytery and discusses the benefits of prophetic words. Watch This weekend, Pastor Robert shares a message titled Presbytery: What and Why where he defines presbytery and discusses why we have presbytery services. prophetic presbytery gateway church

God is greater than sickness, disappointment, pain, fear, loss, or anything we will face in this life. GATEWAYs new live albums, Greater ThanandMs Grande, capture a move of Gods power, presence, and Spirit through special nights of worship at Gateway Church.

We've had presbytery services at Gateway from the very beginning, and its one of my favorite times of the year! Ask a Pastor: What is Presbytery? by Pastor Robert Morris (pastors and teachers) from both inside and outside of Gateway to speak prophetic words to individuals and couples. The purpose of a prophecy is to encourage and Special Event Gateway Church Presbytery Services Learn how prayer and prophetic ministry connect in the presence of God, and become a voice used to proclaim His purposes and plans in the earth.prophetic presbytery gateway church Watch AllChurch Presbytery; Gateways Vision for Prophetic Ministry Our vision at Gateway is to see people saved, healed, set free, discipled, equipped, empowered, and serving. We carry this same vision into our prophetic ministry. We desire for each of our leaders to experience the joy of receiving personal prophecyfresh words from

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