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Genuflection or genuflexion is the act of bending at least one knee to the ground. From early times, it has been a gesture of deep respect for a superior. Today, the gesture is common in the Christian religious practices of the Anglican Church, Lutheran Church, Roman Catholic Church, andEpiscopal liturgy is sacramental. Therefore, the centrality of our worship is the Holy Eucharist, which literally means, thanksgiving. Our worship incorporates the mind, the body, the soul and the senses. We kneel, We stand. We bow. We genuflect. We cross ourselves. We sing. We pray. We laugh. genuflect in episcopal church

The Episcopal Church is a sacramental church. The sacrament of the Holy Eucharist is the principal act of worship on the Lord's day. The altar is symbolic of our Lord's presence in the Holy Eucharist. What could be a better symbol of focus than a table around which we

Definition of Genuflect. I've begun to wonder. . . how (or why) do we teach others to genuflect, a movement that seems innate once you begin the practice. And thus. . . some research: genuflection noun (intransitive verb) 1: to bend the knee; to touch the knee to the floor or ground especially in worship 2: to be servilely obedient [1 Genuflection, or Genuflexion in: An Episcopal Dictionary of the Church: A UserFriendly Reference for Episcopalians. Edited by Don S. Armentrout and Robert Boak Slocum. New York: Church Publishing, 1999. [2 Gestures. 7. Bending the Knee and Bowing the Head in: The New Westminster Dictionary of Liturgy and Worship.genuflect in episcopal church Court etiquette says we should show this respect to our King, pledging him our service. Christians adopted this custom over time, and it became fully integrated into the liturgy of the Roman Rite by the 16th century. The left knee was always used to give reverence to a king and so to distinguish the Christian usage of the custom, Christians would genuflect in church on the right knee to God.

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Genuflection, or Genuflexion. Genuflections are often customary in parishes with an Anglocatholic piety. Genuflections may be seen as people enter or leave a church, or the seating area of a church, or the vicinity of a tabernacle where the Blessed Sacrament is reserved. The celebrant and assisting ministers may genuflect at the end genuflect in episcopal church Back to Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions regarding GENUFLECTION IN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. Q. 1. When should Catholic genuflect in the catholic Church? It used to be that when you entered or left the Church, you genuflected beside your pew. YOU MIGHT NOT KNOW Terminology& Symbols Used in our Church Many genuflect or give a simple formal bow to acknowledge and honor the Cross. who serves as chief administrator and spiritual head of the Episcopal Church. Proper The scripture readings and Collect (opening The tradition of the Church over the centuries was to genuflect in reverence at that phrase because it refers to the mystery of the Incarnation, Jesus taking on a Also genuflect at the Incarnatus in the Nicene Creed: And was incarnate by the Holy Ghost of the Virgin Mary, And was made man. (BCP, 71) Bow Profoundly: at the Words of Institution For in the night in which he was betrayed he took bread: and (BCP 80) and whenever a genuflection is called for and you are able to genuflect.

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