African independent church movement in west africa

2020-02-28 14:28

African initiated church. An African initiated church is a Christian church independently started in Africa by Africans and not by missionaries from another continent. The oldest of these is the Tewahedo (Ethiopian Orthodox Church) which dates from the 4th century, and was one of the first Christian churches in the world.AICs have also demonstrated a strong missionary tendency in that most of the spread of Christianity throughout Africa in the 20 th century can be attributed to African Independent Churches. Quick african independent church movement in west africa

Churches were rapidly planted as a result. African Initiated Churches are mostly churches of a Pentecostal type that have contextualised and indigenised Christianity in Africa. They are the African expression of the worldwide Pentecostal movement because of both their Pentecostal style and their Pentecostal origins.

An African way: the African Independent churches The movement he started was proscribed by the colonial administration and largely led by the prophet Kimbangu's wife. Africa Church Growth KISA and KKEA invited Bishop Daniel Alexander of the South Africa branch of the African Orthodox Church (AOC) to provide religious instruction to their members. AOC had linkages with UNIA in America.african independent church movement in west africa Cornelius Abiodum Olowola. The African Independent Churches are the fastest grow ing churches in Africa today. They are having so much impact on the missionaryfounded churches that in De cember 7, 1981 an issue of West African Magazine had an article titled Desertions of the Orthodox Churches Changes in Worship. .

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The Niger Delta church in west Africa under Crowther, The United Methodists church, United church of Yorubaland, Abamalaki in East Africa, Seventh day Adventist (Malawi in Central Africa), Seventh Day Baptist under Charles Dorrningo, The watch Tower movement under Elliot Kamwana, United native African church (West Africa), Brother Church Movement african independent church movement in west africa Independent churches: Worshipping the African way earliest African traditional religious movements was the Zionist movement is active in Zimbabwe and South Africa; Independent (b) African Independent Churches (AICs) denoting the Churches which emerged from within the MissionChurches, beginning from the 1920s. They are also called: Indigenous Christian Movement, Aladura, and African Instituted Churches. On the other hand, African Instituted Churches have made efforts to create their own ecumenical networks. For instance, in Zimbabwe in 1972 independent churches created the ecumenical movement of Zimbabwean independent churches known as Fambidzano (cooperative of black Shona churches). Independent church movement had by the year 1967 been begun in thirty. two of the fortyone nations and colonies South of the Sahara, in Madagascar. and in one nation in North Africa (Barrett, 1970).

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