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However, its not necessary for any one to convert to the others religion here. In fact youd find that the most successful interfaith marriages are ones where neither has converted. i dnt knw anything about the inter religious marriage laws in India can u help me out by explaining the laws? ? ? Would it be Hindu or Christian. IFeb 25, 2010 I am a Hindu boy deeply in love with a christian girl. Will our marriage be a success? We have been in relationship from past 5 years now. We both have been very tolerant with each others religion. Both of us visit church and temple and believe in both the faiths. Our parents know about our relation and want us to get married now. hindu christian marriage success

Mar 15, 2019  Successful Hindu and Christian Interfaith Marriage: Saffron Cross. 6 Replies to Successful Hindu and Christian Interfaith Marriage: Saffron Cross keyamilla says: October 18, 2013 at 1: 16 pm Susan I cannot wait to read this! ! ! Thank you, as always, for the many recommendations.

What are some of the examples of successful HinduMuslim marriages in India? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 12 Answers. The couple never got a divorce or did any second marriage, very successful HinduMuslim marriages in India. Nargis lived as muslim and died as muslim. What are some examples of successful marriages between a Hindu boy and Oct 28, 2013  Interfaith Marriage: Christian And Hindu Love Story Told In 'Saffron Cross' CONVERSATIONS. HUFFPOST PERSONAL Firstpersonhindu christian marriage success A minister ordained in one of Christianitys most conservative denominations paired with Hinduisms most devout sects seems paradoxical at best. But it may surprise you how well our ChristianHindu marriage does workand how beautifully your own interfaith friendships and relationships can work, too.

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10 Hindu Commandments for a Successful Marriage. Search. Search the site GO. Religion& Spirituality. Hinduism Arts& Culture Past& Present Important Texts Whether you are Hindu or not, there is much to learn from these 10 rules that Hindus keep in mind to keep a marriage happy and successful hindu christian marriage success While my parents expect her to follow my religion after marriage, I am of the view that she can follow her Christian religion, but that she should partake in my Hindu religious activities as well. I do respect Christianity, but we will have to have a Hindu marriage. NonHindu partner has to convert to Hinduism under Hindu Marriage Act. Hindu personal law then governs the marriage. In case of any differences at later stage any issuesdisputes between the couple will be then addressed by Hindu personal law. A Hindu girl marries a Christian boy, is she considered a Hindu or Christian on documents May 18, 1994 Not in the eyes of orthodox hindus, nor in the eyes of muslims, however, the marriage can be successful if both parties understand each other's beliefs and act with such understanding. Interfaith marriage Hindu groom and Christian bride I am a 30 years old hindu male, resident of Andheri, Mumbai; My would be wife is 25 years old christian, resident of Jamnagar, Gujarat. We plan to get married in the month of February 2016 in Mumbai.

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