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Auction Report Christie's Announces A RolexThemed Sale To Be Held On May 15 In Geneva Christie's May sale will include 116 lots encompassing 55 different references from nine decades. You might remember Christie's Rolex Daytona Lesson One auction from back inA recap of Christies Rare Watches& Important Discoveries watch auction. In a very exciting turn of events, the Rolex star of the Christies Rare Watches and& Important Discoveries in New York City, was not one of the two Daytona Paul Newman Panda watches, but the cloisonn dial Rolex 6100 Les Armoiries that sold for 317, 000 the highest price paid for a Rolex during the christie's rolex daytona

Rolex and Daytona are two evocative names that came together decades before the first Daytona Reference 6239 began production in 1963. In the early 1930s most watches were tested on the wrists of athletes and adventurers, and not exclusively in hightech laboratories as they are today. Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf, however,

Christie's Celebrates 50 Years Of The Rolex Daytona With An Amazing Commemorative Auction On November 10th 2013, Christies will offer to auction in Geneva an exceptional selection of 50 emblematic examples of Rolex Daytona wristwatches. Signed Rolex, Oyster perpetual, Cosmograph Daytona rainbow model, circa 2017. Price realised: HK1, 812, 500 on 26 November 2018 at Christies in Hong Kong Accessorising isnt a faux pas with many vintage Rolexes because thats how so many were originally sold.christie's rolex daytona AT CHRISTIES GENEVA ON 10 NOVEMBER. Geneva To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the legendary Rolex Daytona, Christies International Watch Department is extremely proud to announce Rolex Daytona Lesson ONE, its first themed sale in over a decade, dedicated to the history of the most mythical chronograph wristwatch ever made: the Daytona.

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Recapping Last Night's Rolex Daytona Sale At Christie's (That Time The Average Daytona Sold For 264, 963) This was one big night for the legendary chronograph. christie's rolex daytona Luxury auction house Christies is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the legendary Rolex Daytona in style. Christies International Watch Department recently announced Rolex Daytona Lesson ONE, its first themed sale in over a decade, dedicated to the iconic Daytona. Deconstructed: Rolex Sigma dial Ref. 6263 Oyster Daytona. Study of the Rolex Daytona is characterised by an obsession with detail and an appreciation of nuances in design. Experienced collectors chase down rare and unusual variants, like this

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