Which way does the christian fish symbol face

2020-02-24 05:11

How can the answer be improved?Mar 05, 2009 It is interesting to know that the fish's first known use as a Christian religious symbol was sometime within the first 300 years after Christ's resurrection. but it wasn't until sometime around the 16th century Christians began using the Greek word ichthys for fish . Ichthys is the most commonly used word in the New Testament for fish. which way does the christian fish symbol face

Jan 01, 2007 Which direction is the Christian fish symbol, Ichthus supposed to face, and does it matter?

The Christian fish symbol or 'Jesus Fish' is conventionally shown swimming from right to left. Christ overcomes evil with love. He comes from righteousness (symbolised by the right side) to confront evil (symbolised by the left side). If the symbol faces the opposite way (left to right) OK a quick question for you all. . which way round should a Christian IchthusIcthus fish face? I've always thought it should face left (tail on the right) and even thought that facing right was in some waywhich way does the christian fish symbol face Apr 18, 2005 This has nothing at all to do with faith or anything biblical. I just wanted to see if anyone knew. I'm pretty sure you've all seen the Christian fish symbol, right? It sorta looks like this: . Does it matter which way it faces? I'm designing something with the symbol and was wondering if it mattered which way I turned it.

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First, one is not a Christian simply by sporting a symbol of a fish on his or her car. One is a Christian if one has recognized that he or she is a sinner, repented of that sinfulness, and committed his or her life to Jesus Christ. A life lived out for Jesus is a much better witness than a plastic fish on ones car. which way does the christian fish symbol face

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