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Question: What is the Christian view of yoga? . Answer: For many Christians in the West who don't understand the history behind it, yoga is simply a means of physical exercise and strengthening and improving flexibility of the muscles. However, the philosophy behind yoga is much more than physically improving oneself.Christians have a radically different worldview than either of these the view shaped by yoga or the view shaped by tai chi. Our approach towards history and towards God and towards wellbeing is why is yoga bad for you christian

Jan 16, 2012 This Site Might Help You. RE: Is yoga bad for Christians? Im a Christan (baptist) and some people have told me that yoga is bad for Christians to do but they never told me why. id love to get a yoga dvd to try out, but i dont want to do anything against the Bible or anything. can anyone tell me why its so bad?

Aug 13, 2016 Christian Yoga Should Christians do Yoga? Yoga is one of the hot debated topics in Christianity. Can a Christian do yoga? Is yoga and christianity even compatible? What does the Bible say about I believe you can be a Christian and practice yoga. I love yoga for the physical and mental health benefits. I am calmer, more relaxed, healthier, happier, more flexible, stronger, my balance has improved, sleep, digestion and overall my life is healthier.why is yoga bad for you christian October 2010 If You are a Christian, Yoga is Bad For You People need to understand that Yoga is not so much about physical exercise, but more about a spiritual journey through human spirit. Each person is a spirit being living inside a body which houses the human spirit. The process of Yoga is a process of bypassing the body to get in touch

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Because true yoga according to the Bhagavata Purana should be done in the nude. Christians hate the word NAKED The N word is worse than the S word SATAN. So Christians believe anything that involved nudity is a sin. That's why we now have world laws that ban nudity. why is yoga bad for you christian Things may not have become as bad as that for you, but be aware anyway if you practice yoga, you practice Hinduism; and the more you do it, the more you open yourself up to the spiritual side of it. Thousands of others have experienced very similar things while practising yoga. The attractive couple on the television screen gracefully moved their bodies into the next yoga pose: arms extended, head tilted slightly back, a deep breath in. In front of the TV set, a sevenyearold girl and her mother did their best to mimic the posture. I don't feel the yoga positions as stretches are inherently bad. Saying the relaxing stretches found in yoga poses is always and only to worship Hindu gods feels a little bit like saying sacrifices to idols takes away from the sacrifices the children of Israel made to the one and only true God. That's not true.

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